My business, PHILIP KUNZE AZO, has been actively engaged in four initiatives during the past 15 years. They are related to my life and my life’s work in many ways.

Following a 25-year career in the pharmaceutical industry, I launched my first couple of initiatives, Marketing Accountability and Design That Works. When I muse about the past 15 years, you might hear me say, somewhat cynically, that Marketing Accountability is an oxymoron, and that design that sells is better than Design That Works. In reality, these initiatives have been very successful, and I’ve accomplished a great deal of meaningful work in these areas. I’m deeply committed to accountability and design, in my life and in my current work. Importantly though, these first two initiatives launched me into the next two.

While identifying patterns among arrays of data in my accountability work, and while considering interfaces in my design work, I began telling digital stories that I call Images of Time and Place, my third initiative.

Realizing how easily stories “self-tell” when data are arrayed by time and place, I set out to develop tools to do just that in my fourth initiative, Time and Place Synchronics. Thus, my current work is about streaming digital media into stories.

Conceptually, all four of these initiatives are related to the emerging field of informatics. My interest in this field of study is the transformation of data into information and knowledge through communication processes. Much of my work these past 15 years has been in the area of temporal and spatial perception.

You’ll find here a body of ongoing work related to the development of a perceptual browser, TimeAndPlaceStories™.


This site was launched in a nascent form at the beginning of 2009. Each of the main sections begins with an overview page like this.  A great deal more page content will be added to each section over time. My first priorities have been developing the Time and Place Synchronics and Design That Works (Teaching Graphic Design) sections. I’ll backfill other sections as time permits. In the meantime I invite a “Hey Phil” about any of my work and teaching.