Philip Kunze

I’m living a wonderfully blessed life. I was born in Chicago in 1943, my wife and I met when we were 16, and married when we graduated from college. We were 21. You do the math. We have two wonderful grown children, and two wonderful grandchildren. Having traveled a great deal, and having lived in several places in the US and in France, we returned to the Midwest many years ago to live across Lake Michigan from where I was born.

I often say that visual communication has been the art of my life: growing up drawing, painting, taking classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; earning a BFA in advertising art, and an MFA in graphic design from Cranbrook Academy of Art; working in pharmaceutical marketing at The Upjohn Company for 25 years; and developing my own work in accountability, design, imaging, and storytelling for the past 15 years.