Posing with cars has been a family tradition for generations. I began posing with our ’31 or ’32 Chevy named “Betsy” when I was a year old (running boards and fenders were a big help for posing small children). I’ve been posing with cars ever since. I’ll find many more, but here are the first few.


interests-corvetteIn the meantime, fast forward to 2001. This is what I wrote in May that year about my 1961 Corvette:

A vexing question: How to celebrate my mistress’ 40th birthday?

We first met when she was eight years old.  She became mine when she was 10 years old and I was 18 years her senior.  The difference in our ages seemed like a lot back then.  Now that she is 40 and I am 58 the difference doesn’t seem so great.  She is eligible for an antique license plate and I am eligible for AARP.

According to her Vehicle Identification Number she rolled off the assembly line in May 1961.

We’ve been together for 30 years – three-quarters of her life and nearly half of mine.  I remember the day I drove her home.  I went out to the garage that evening and just sat behind the wheel – what a feeling!  Lots of memories since then.

She doesn’t look her age, but I look mine.

So how does one celebrate a birthday like this?  I know Corvette folk do have birthday parties.  But this doesn’t seem like a party event to me.  Maybe Karen and I will take her out for ice cream and reminisce for a while.

And I think I’ll make her a birthday card.