Probably my first train layout was a birthday gift on my third birthday. In the years that followed, I played with many trains, culminating in a super layout in the basement of our Chicago home. Along the way, my father took me train watching, train riding, and to the Chicago Railroad Fair in 1950. My mother also took me train riding while my father was busy with WWII in the Pacific. I see that these photos from Kiddy Park near our home in Chicago are dated July 1st 1945 – I can barely remember that train, but I can picture the park. I’ll find more photos that will tell many more stories to add to these in the coming years.


interests-trains-gpa-rrIn the meantime, fast forward to Branch Junction. I’m the proprietor and operator of the Grand Pacific and Atlantic Railroad that runs through Branch Junction, Michigan (that occupies one room of our house). I began this fourth, and final, round of three-rail O-Gauge railroading several years ago. The GP&A RR is temporal typical of the twentieth¬†century, and typo typical of the Midwest.¬†Here is the first draft of the story, as written by the time Christmas trees were on the lots in 2007. Again, many photos to add.