Images of Time and Place

Images of time and place are recordings of unique life experiences at specific intersections of time and place.

We organize our lives by time and place. Time and place shape life experiences. We remember life experiences by time and place. Each of our experiences at a specific time in a specific place is unique.

Since the advent of photography and picture postcards, people have associated experiences with time and place: “Having a wonderful time wish you were here.” As I began transitioning from analog to digital with the purchase of my first computer around 1980, and my first digital camera about 20 years later, I became increasingly aware of how my own recordings of experiences are related to time and place.

Several generations of operating systems ago, and long before image browsing and tagging became commonplace, I began filing my images by both time and place. Redundant and time consuming as it was to maintain two sets of files, I began to realize the great value and power of this simple organizational structure for automating storytelling.