Marketing Accountability

Marketing accountability means ensuring appropriate marketing budget yields.

As markets and organizations grow in size and complexity, marketing accountability grows increasingly elusive.

But regardless of size and scale, markets are still comprised of buyers, sellers, goods, and services. Driven by wants and needs, buyers are attracted to marketplaces to purchase from sellers. Then, good customer experiences sell products. Sellers need a framework for cost-effectively creating good customer experiences, one at a time.

The Marketing Accountability Model, developed by PHILIP KUNZE AZO, is a scaleable framework for determining the relative value of all marketing influences on purchase and repeat purchase decisions in all audience segments over time. The model is a robust marketing tool – studies during a 10-year period, for clients like Apple and Adobe, have included more than 15,000 purchasers.

Marketing communications are open-ended systems with many variables. By measuring and systematically analyzing arrays of variables, we identify patterns of relationships that predict customer buying behaviors. Marketing budget yields can be increased with a better understanding of buying behaviors.


(I haven’t developed this area of my site very much because I’ve been focusing on the Design and Synchronics pages, areas that are related more to my current work. I include a bit more sketchy information about my behavioral modeling on the Clients page to the left, and intend to get back to writing more about my accountability model soonest. In the meantime, I’d be happy to respond to a “Hey Phil” email for more information.)