Time and Place Synchronics

I’m currently developing concepts and tools for streaming digital media into stories.

This body of work evolved from ideas for structuring data by time and place in order to automate storytelling. As the ideas evolved, the word “synchronics” (semantics play on synchronic, synchronize, synchronous) suggested itself as a name for this initiative: Time and Place Synchronics. (Perhaps this area of applied information could be called “Synchronic Informatics”.) This initiative nurtured a quest to create a perceptual browser, or understanding engine, that I am now calling TimeAndPlaceStories™.

This section of my site describes and documents my development of a perceptual browser, seeks fellow travelers, and describes synergies, teaching, projects, and marketing. I describe some of my early thinking (during the first decade of this century) in the storytelling, architecture, and development links to the left. During the past few years I’ve drafted the functional specifications for the perceptual browser that define it as a product, and answered the question, what is a perceptual browser? Now, in early 2013 as I market the browser, I’ve added the Strategic Partners and Business Alliances sections.

The idea is simple: If all data had metadata time, place, subject, and other tags, various stories from different points of view would “self-tell” in various compositions of data. My Documents would become My Stories; My Stories would become Our Stories. In a return to collaborative storytelling, Our Stories would yield richer meanings and greater understandings than his-story.