3D Perceptual Browser

Two-dimensional storytelling by time, place, and tag

I’ve visualized my storytelling work to date (streaming time, place, and tag data into stories) as somewhat two-dimensional – based on the Web as we know it today and envision it tomorrow. I’ve posted some of my thinking here in this Time and Place Synchronics area of my site. I’ve drafted functional specs for my perceptual browser, and I continue my day-to-day imaging work.

(In order to protect my Trademark at this stage, and out of an abundance of caution, my intellectual property attorney tells me I must limit what I post here about current development of my perceptual browser. So I’ll fast-forward now to my current conceptual work on what I call TimeAndPlaceStoriesTM Meta.)

Three-dimensional storytelling by time, place, and tag

I’m now working on a three-dimensional vision of what a perceptual browser (to automate storytelling) could look like some years from now in a meta-connected world. Almost everyone on the planet, and virtually all news, information, entertainment, culture, and communications are increasingly linked through Internet metadata architecture. New temporal-topo-metaphysical relationships are emerging.

We need new ways of perceiving these relationships, and new ways to stream data into information, knowledge, and understanding. With perhaps even the potential for transforming lives and generations, in local and global communities. Metadata, Meta stories, Meta connections.

I’ve been considering and writing a great deal lately about the three-dimensional connectivity of metadata. I’ll be posting my visual explorations of a three-dimensional perceptual browser below, section by section, over time.

As the volume of data increases logarithmically in the kingdom we live in, metadata relationships among the three dimensions of actual time, real places, and nominal tags will tell exponentially greater numbers of stories in the years just ahead. Then looking farther into the future, consider the story yield of an infinite number of matrices created among the kingdom we live in, and other kingdoms (more about that later) of time, place, and tags. For lack of a better way of describing the direction of this three-dimensional perceptual area of inquiry at the moment, I’ll call this Story to the power of infinity, perhaps expressed as:

Kingdom x Time3 x Place3 x Tag3 = Story Infinity

I’m not sure where my current exploration will lead, but I’ll be trying to visualize the relationships among the dimensions of temporal-topo-metaphysical kingdoms. You’re welcome to follow along this online process log.