Early Development

I’ve documented the development of TimeAndPlaceStories™ in a process booklet. During the past few years I decided that I needed to leave a breadcrumb trail of sorts for myself, documenting how my work has evolved from accountability and design, to telling stories with images. Here it is, for anyone else who might be interested:


This booklet was written a few years ago (before Web 3.0, the iPhone, the flat world, and a Blackberry in the Oval Office). Since then, the convergence of technologies I wrote about has come to pass. Yet, in their fragmented and proprietary incarnations they have not advanced digital storytelling all that much. Among market readiness factors, many of the examples of the value of storytelling by time and place I wrote about then, now seem dated (for example, on 26 Feb 09, the Defense Secretary announced that media will be allowed to photograph flag-draped caskets at Dover Air Force Base, visualizing the human cost of war). Yet, the market becomes more ready every day, and examples are every bit as poignant. Consider, in January 2009, the New York Times and Washington Post online time and place photo stories about the Inauguration. And consider the many points of view of Gaza in the Arab world on Facebook during that month.

My work has advanced a great deal since I wrote my development booklet, and this site is the beginning of the next chapter to document my process and progress since then.