Philip Kunze is an informatician and storyteller. He tells his own stories, and those of others. He tells stories by time and place with word, number, and image data by transforming information into knowledge.

He has a BFA in art from Kent State University, and an MFA in graphic design from Cranbrook Academy of Art. During a 25-year career in marketing at The Upjohn Company he held positions as an art director, product manager, and manager of worldwide conventions and exhibits. During the past 15 years his business, PHILIP KUNZE AZO, has been actively engaged in: marketing accountability; design that works; images of time and place; and time and place storytelling. He also teaches graphic design as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art at Western Michigan University.

Phil is currently working on a perceptual browser TimeAndPlaceStories, an understanding engine, to stream digital media into stories. Leveraging the value and power of organizing data by time and place, he is developing metadata architecture to automate storytelling through dynamically linking time, place, and subject tags.